Fagen Reunion - June 19, 2004 - Des Moines, Iowa
For Descendants of John and Mary Fagen

John and Mary Fagen
John was the first Fagen born in the United States.  He left Merrillville, Indiana and worked for a short time in Chicago before heading west.  He met and married Mary Holmes in Talleyrand, Iowa. 

John and Mary made their home in Talleyrand and then on their farm in Washington County near Keota.  They had 10 children -- six sons and four daughters.  In 1905 they bought a farm northwest of Sioux Rapids in Clay County, Iowa and moved there with their family.  Two of their older children, Walter and Ressa, stayed behind in Keota.

John's and Mary's ancestors are now scattered around the world but many remain in the midwest, primarily in Iowa and Minnesota.

Reunion Highlights

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Next Year

The Fagen Reunion will be held next year in Minnesota. Details to follow.

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Top row: Frank, Katherine, Ressa, Walter and Anton
Bottom Row: Mabel, John, Blanche, Mary and Howard
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