Welcome to the Fagen branch of the family tree of Alex, Susan, Brandon, Ryan and Shannon Fagen.

Fagen Family Highlights

Anton and Catherine Föegen
  • The reunion for descendants of John and Mary Fagen was held on June 19, 2004 in Des Moines, Iowa.  Learn more about it here.
  • Anton and Catherine Föegen are our Fagen ancestors who came to America from Germany about 1853.  We are fortunate to have a picture of the log cabin in which they first lived in Lake County, Indiana.
  • The John Smith Carris family migrated from New York to Ohio and finally became some of the first settlers in the Keota, Iowa area.  John Smith Carris was Walter Junior Fagen's great great grandfather.
  • Hila Ann Tupper was John Smith Carris' wife and Walter Junior Fagen's great great grandmother.  Read the historical account of the origin of the Tupper family and their move from England to America.
  • Rovena Fry was Charlotte (Kirkpatrick) Fagen's mother.  Rovena's great grandfather was Jacob Fry, one of the first settlers in Johnson County, Iowa.  He is buried in the Church of Christ cemetery in Frytown.

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    Thank you to the following people for their generous help in compiling this information:

  • Jim Hilbrich and Paul Davis for sharing their Fagen/Föegen family research.
  • Grandma Fagen for sharing her memories and boxes of pictures of the Fagen and Kirkpatrick families (some over 100 years old).
  • Aunt Margaret for sharing her memories, papers and pictures of the Fagen family.

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