The letter below (English translation follows) was addressed to the family of Anton Fügen of Merrillville, Lake County, Indiana. The local post office delivered the letter to Marie Catherine Hilbrich and Marie began corresponding with her relative in Germany. Marie's son Jim has several of these letters in his possession. Thanks to Jim for sharing this first one.

The author of the letter was Maria, granddaughter of John Peter. Note that the spelling of the last name differs from church records in Kopp, Germany, which show the spelling as Föegen.

Weinsheim, Jan 16, 1947

M. Anton Fügen
Merrillville, Lake County, Indiana
North America

Dear Relatives!

You'll be astonished receiving this news from distant Germany. I have often wanted to relate with my father's relatives in America. I would have gladly written but, to my knowledge he had no one's address.

With us are the hardships the cruel war left behind. Going through the rubble from the destruction of our home we came across a letter from our relatives, yes, our dearest grandfather's home in America.

This letter ought to reach someone who could write our family, however please accept our request as well meaning.

This greeting is from the heart.

Widow - Maria Hecker
Born Fügen

County Prüm Eifel