Richard Tupper

Henry Tupper

Thomas Tupper

f a m i l y
Children with:
Katherine Gator
Susan Turnar
Ann Hodgson

Thomas II Tupper
Katherine Tupper
Robert Tupper
Thomas Tupper
Robert Tupper
Thomas Tupper
  • Born: 28 Jan 1578, Bury, County Sussex, England
  • Married 29 Apr 1622, Parish of Chelmsford, County Essex, , to Katherine Gator
  • Married 1 Jan 1628, England, to Susan Turnar
  • Married to Ann Hodgson
  • Died: 28 Mar 1676
  • Reference: "The Tupper Family", Hazel (Campbell) Gerbich, 1956

    Click here to read, The Tupper Family, written by Hazel (Campbell) Gerbich in 1956.

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