Henry Tupper

Thomas TupperAnn Hodgson

Thomas II Tupper

f a m i l y
Children with:
Martha Mayhew

Katherine Tupper
Robert Tupper
Thomas Tupper
Robert Tupper

Martha Tupper
Thomas Tupper
Isreal Tupper
Elisha Tupper
Jane Tupper
Ichabod Tupper
Eldad Tupper
Medad Tupper
Anne Tupper
Bertha Tupper
Thomas II Tupper
  • Born: 1638, Sandwich, Massechusetts
  • Married 1661 to Martha Mayhew
  • Died: 1706
  • Reference: "The Tupper Family", Hazel (Campbell) Gerbich, 1956

    Click here to read, The Tupper Family, written by Hazel (Campbell) Gerbich in 1956.

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