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Children with:

Katie Kerris
  • Married to MARY
  • Reference: Geneology of John Smith Carris Family, Published 1954, Washington, Iowa

    From "Geneology of John Smith Carris Family" - Published 1954, Washington, Iowa:

    Lewis Kerris emigrated to the United States from Holland late in the 18th century. He settled in Orange County, New York, near or toward the lower end of the Catskill Mountians. There was a large lake near his home known as "Long Pond", it being about a mile wide and ten miles long. The valley was quite fertile and they raised wheat, rye, corn and various grasses that made excellent pasture. Their principal products were butter and cheese which they marketed in New York City. The produce was delivered by boat from the town of Newberg on the Hudson River. These boats operated on regular schedule, making trips two or three times a week.


    From Jan Stockton's notes:

    Lewis was also known as Rulof Kerris.

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